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Treatment Programs for Eating Disorders, Depression and Anxiety

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​Are you a teen between the age of 13 to 18 or the parent of one who is experiencing test anxiety, lack of motivation, struggling with regulating emotions in the classroom, home or in life?  If so, Recovery and Wellness Center of Eastern Washington (RWC) has a skills- based program to help!

Recovery and Wellness Center of Eastern Washington’s (RWC) Intensive Outpatient Depression/Anxiety Recovery Program is designed for teens and young adults to find relief and recovery from the pain of living with Depression and Anxiety.

​This intensive outpatient program (IOP) is a skills-based program designed to help teens and young adults increase their awareness of the emotional, thought and behavioral patterns that contribute to success!

There are many school stressors!  Through the development of insight and knowledge, students will learn skills to thrive as young adults.

Students will learn how to manage:

School Anxiety/Stress

Test Anxiety

Social Anxiety

Goal Setting

Focus and Attention

​Emotional Regulation


​**Complimentary Tutoring Services Available**

Teen Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program