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Eating Disorder Counseling & Treatment | Richland, WA



Adolescent and Adult Eating Disorder Program: This Intensive Outpatient Program runs 5-days per week and includes the following;

  • Initial Medical Assessment
  • Weekly Medical Check Ups
  • Strong, Therapeutic, Group Work
  • Individual and Family Therapy
  • Supportive meals
  • Nutritional counseling

 An advantage of our level of care is that the patient is able to return home at night and is at home each weekend. This allows them to work closely with the treatment team while immediately practicing the new skills, tools, and recovery concepts in their real world environments. 

 We value collaboration of care! Our group-based model is aimed at working in conjunction with already established individual outpatient providers. For individuals who don't have an established individual outpatient treatment team, referrals and assistance will be provided and a team will be established before completion of the program.

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