​​Recovery and Wellness Center

​of Eastern Washington

Treatment Programs for Eating Disorders, Depression and Anxiety

To ensure you are placed in the best program to fit your therapeutic needs, we offer complimentary assessments. During your assessment we will explore your diagnosis, identify the appropriate level of care, insurance coverage options, treatment options, barriers to recovery and discuss next steps for recovery.​  Please have your insurance information available.

Preparing for your Assessment

Financial Arrangements

Recovery and Wellness Center of Eastern Washington  is focused on delivering the highest quality of care which includes a selection of payment options.

Cash Pay
Private and government insurance plans

We will assist in obtaining benefits, pre-certification, and authorization to minimize your out of pocket costs. Please have your insurance information available when you call so we can develop a current benefits report to make sure all costs are identified and communicated. We recommend you reach out to your insurance company as well to check benefits.  If alternative payment arrangements need to be made, we can also assist with those.

To more fully understand your available benefits and any associated costs please call Recovery and Wellness Center today!