​​Recovery and Wellness Center

​of Eastern Washington

Treatment Programs for Eating Disorders, Depression and Anxiety

What Our Employees Are Saying About Their Job!


"This job is a wonderful opportunity for the professional who values a team approach to treatment and making a positive impact on the under served population who suffer from eating disorders in Eastern Washington.  If your approach is in CBT, DBT and Mindfulness you would love this work!  Each group brings a unique experience to the clinician and affords space for creativity in providing these interventions."


​"I love being part of a clinically sound, healthy and fun team!  I believe Recovery and Wellness Center creates a culture of health which translates to healing for our clients."


"I love that we are a team strong enough to lean on each other for support.  That we are able to bounce ideas off each other and come up with a plan for the client's good.  I have a heart for kid's that walk through our door.  It amazes me every single time to see their growth from start to finish as they learn their coping and communication skills."

"As a new addition to RWC, I feel so welcome and supported as I settle in.  It didn't take more than a day for me to feel like a true member of this team.  I love how this team comes together to brainstorm solutions and quickly implement new ideas.  RWC greatly values the importance of each discipline and empowers us to be leaders in our field.  I love it here!"


"Working as part of a treatment team is amazing!  Having access to the team allows me to get feedback about what works and what doesn't work with each client ensuring the best treatment to support their recovery."



We are not currently hiring.  Please check back again soon!