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How Bulimic Brains are Different

by Jacqueline Howard, CNN
Updated 10:07 AM ET, Tue July 18, 2017

​'........Two separate studies on bulimia and the brain published in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology this month shed new light on the eating disorder, as it relates to feelings of acute stress and hunger or satiety.
"I absolutely believe stress can be a trigger," said Fitzgibbons, who sits on the ambassador council of the Eating Recovery Center where she received treatment.
"Compulsive behaviors such as restricting, bingeing and purging, in my experience, have been almost always a way to manage overwhelming anxiety caused by stress," she said. "My eating disorder behaviors have often been a physical representation of my anxiety and stress when I didn't have words for what was going on in my life or what I was thinking."
The new studies, which involved magnetic resonance imaging or MRI, not only offer a better understanding of a patient's brain on bulimia, they may hold clues to improving treatment options in the future.'  
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